Construction of modern and safe houses under German technology in fachwerk style.

About our company

Our company has been working in B2B sector since 2009 designing unique projects and building unique houses for real estate and property developers. Over the years we have organized and released our own line of the beams for the frame made of high-quality pine of northern rocks. We have chosen the equipment and supplies of leading German and Swiss manufacturers. Our specialists gained special training in a leading German company Hufhaus. We have developed our technique of building fachwerk houses to a fine point in the Russian market for 9 years. After falling in love with this presentable, concise and harmonious style, we decided to personalize our work and build for you by putting all the talents and positive emotions to work.

Our houses are

Simplicity forming the unique design that inspires fascination

Sense of space, freedom and feeling to become one with nature

Substantial construction and reliable design for safety of you and your family


is the beginning of our improvements in building fachwerk houses

10604 m2

provide the comfort and cosiness for the tenants.

34 families

have been enjoying the suburban life in the houses building by our company.

12 months a year

due to the special technology we are ready to proceed with the construction of houses

Our housing projects

Name of the project in two lines
Name of the project in two lines
Name of the project in two lines
Name of the project in two lines
Name of the project in two lines
Name of the project in two lines
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Our advantages


The period of building a house under thermal path is about 3-4 months, 2-3 months of the house finishing and then you could start enjoying the suburban life.


The architecture of the building gives us a lot of opportunities to organize internal space – There are a lot of layout options.


The houses built by this technology do not shrink so you can start renovating the houses immediately after the end of construction work.


Indigenous production allows us to charge lower prices than those of competitors` (without loss of quality)


We provide a guarantee for 10 years so you won`t face any small oversights and there will be no need to copy with them by yourself.


What guarantee we provide?

You will get a 25 years guarantee. If you choose "Turn key" type, the first 10 years it will be expanded.

Is it warm in our glass houses? Is it expensive to heat homes?

It`s warmer in our houses more than in brick ones. We are using high-quality energy-saving triple-pane windows. The space between is filled with gas (argon) that doesn`t allow the warmth to remove outside. The inner layer has special cover which contributes to heat preservation. There is minimum number of joints that is important. As a result, the expenses for heating are lower than at traditional houses.

Why aren`t our prices the lowest in the segment considering having the domestic production?

The thing is, domestic production of beams gives us an opportunity to fix the average price using the raw material of the highest level in its quality and environmental safety. Thus you can get a premium house for an appropriate pricing.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to answer any questions, please contact us.

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