Phases of the work

Main / Phases of the work


Designing, development of technical documentation, harmonization


Preparatory work, foundation

We are using insulated Swedish plate (monolithic foundations) including a full set of engineering communications such as distribution of sewage pipelines, drainpipes and electrician. Also, we suggest a warm floor integrated into a plate.



Assembling the frame of the house

We are using the beams for a framework that are manufactured at our own production with Vologda pine which has tight structure and high durability. The technology strictly follows the requirements of GOST-20850-14. Important: In the production uses only specialized glue of BASF Chemical Concern of the highest standards of safety. Many producers purchase cheaper generics to reduce the cost of the manufacturing process. It leads to the deformation of structures and can have a negative influence on the state of health.
4. Монтаж кровли installation of roofing.



Installation of roofing

We are using the natural ceramic tile BRASS and the roof is warmed by PAROC (Findland).



Glazing and installation of front doors

We are using the multifunctional glass in our double-glazed units (energy-saving, daylight). Thanks to the double glazing that is filled with inert gas, the warmth is guaranteed even during the harshest winters. The strength of the glass is achieved with the help of the qualitative characteristics and thickness. Also, it`s an efficient barrier against external influences. Testing indicates that this glass is capable of withstanding multiple blows with a hammer.


Communications devices

Water supply system, heating system, gas supply system (TECEflex and REHAU), sanitation, electrician. Installation of gas-fired boilers.



Finishing works

The full range of finishing works is hold out for “turn-key” package according to the individual project.


Regular supervision

The Director-General and our specialists who were trained in Germany supervise all the phases of process except the technical supervision.