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Why 5 years guarantee?

It will take 5 years to identify small shortcomings and unforeseen challenges. We can provide even with 50 years guarantee as we are fully confident with our work. But that's absurd, isn't it? You never know what can happen! Even the attack by aliens! That`s why 25, 50, 100 years of guarantee is an empty promise. And we don`t work like this!

Is it warm in our glass houses? Is it expensive to heat homes?

It`s warmer in our houses more than in brick ones. We are using high-quality energy-saving triple-pane windows. The space between is filled with gas (argon) that doesn`t allow the warmth to remove outside. The inner layer has special cover which contributes to heat preservation. There is minimum number of joints that is important. As a result, the expenses for heating are lower than at traditional houses.

Why aren`t our prices the lowest in the segment considering having the domestic production?

The thing is, domestic production of beams gives us an opportunity to fix the average price using the raw material of the highest level in its quality and environmental safety. Thus you can get a premium house for an appropriate pricing.

What is the process of payment for the construction services?


What guarantees do we provide our clients with? Why are we trusted?


Is it possible to have the installment payment option on the house building? What is a down payment?